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Brick by Brick based Therapy Group

Brick by Brick Based Therapy Group

Designed to encourage interactions between children.

Product description

Brick by Brick based Therapy Group

We run after school Brick by Brick Therapy programmes from our Play Therapy practice at The Play Therapies​ Centre in Derry/Londonderry. The groups we run are run in conjunction with Play Included and are endorsed by Cambridge University Autism Research Centre.

This course runs for 12 weeks at a time and its suitable for primary school children between the ages of 5-11 years.

Brick by Brick Therapy has been proven to be an effective way to support children in developing their communication and social skills, improving their social interaction and social competence, whilst giving them skills to sustain lasting friendships and reach their full potential.

What is Brick by Brick Therapy?

Children come together each week, in the same small group for the duration of a 12 week course.

The sessions focus on freestyle and collaborative LEGO® building projects, designed to encourage interactions between the children and enable them to come up with their own solutions. Each week the group will divide up organised tasks, so that every member is assigned a defined and interactive role.

Children work as a team, communicating together to build a shared project each week.​
Brick by Brick Therapy also supports the development of fine motor skills, creativity, perseverance, management of frustrations and task development without a fear of failing. Due to the consistency of the same children attending each week, it is also an opportunity for children to meet new peers out of school.​

The Different Roles in the Group:

Each week the children are assigned special roles within​ the group and take it in turns to play out each role for the duration of the project activity.​
Our Brick by Brick Therapy courses have different roles:​ The Supplier, The Builder​ and​ The Director.​ All roles are clearly explained to each child at the start of the course.
The collaborative teamwork encourages joint focus, sharing, communication, problem solving and reinforces positive behaviour and social contact. Social skills and conventions are encouraged and reinforced by the facilitator and the use of language skills, negotiation and compromise are discussed to help settle any conflicts or challenges.​

Who is Brick by Brick Therapy suitable for?

1) Brick by Brick Therapy is suitable for children between the ages of 5-11 years.​
2) Brick by Brick Therapy is a fantastic course for children who may have difficulties in creating or sustaining friendships with their peers, or for children who can at times find communication a little challenging.
3) Brick by Brick Therapy can be effective for children who may be vocal at home, but reticent in social situations.
4) Brick by Brick Therapy can support children with any form of social, communication or developmental concern, for example those with mild learning difficulties, language delays or difficulties with fine motor skill coordination.
5) Brick by Brick Therapy is often used with children with diagnosed or suspected Autism.
6) Brick by Brick Therapy can be effective for children with anxiety or those who may be nervous or worried in social situations.

Who runs Brick by Brick Therapy at the Play Therapies​ Centre?

Our Brick by Brick Therapy Leader is Sinead, a qualified and registered Play Therapy UK Therapist as well as a qualified lego based therapist.  Sinead is also a licensed Lego Therapy train the trainer who has been working with children in various statutory, educational and community settings for over 15 years. She is highly experienced in supporting children with all levels of need.

Sarah our associate Brick by Brick Therapy Leader Sarah Walker has 18 years experience in working with children within the Children’s disability teams within the Belfast Trust.

Times and Costs:

LEGO® Therapy courses run after school every Wednesday at 3:45pm . Programme dates can be viewed below.
The cost of the full 12-week Lego programme is £350 and spaces can be booked above:

*Please note there is a maximum of 9 children per group, so please do book in advance to secure your space.

Entry requirements:

Children with only mild/moderate social, emotional or behavioural difficulties will be accepted onto this programme and as such an assessment will be completed with the therapist at point of registration to establish suitability for the programme. This initial assessment will be carried out via telephone with our play therapist at a cost of £10 payable using the link above. Once a child has been deemed suitable then their place will be secure when the balance has been paid.
If you are unsure if the course is suitable for your child, please contact The Play Therapies​ Centre on 028 90 923337.
Once you have booked your space, our facilitator Sinead will be in touch to learn a little more about your child and any specific needs and interests that they may have, to ensure she can make them feel as comfortable as possible when starting.


1) 4th Feb
2) 11th Feb
3) 18th Feb
4) 25th March
5) 3rd March
6) 10th March
7) 24th March
8) 31st March
9) 7th April
10) 14th April (Easter Tue)
11) 21st April
12) 28th April