Play and Art Therapy are branches of psychotherapy that involves the use of creative and expressive communication. Play and creativity are a child’s natural medium for self expression. Through therapeutic play, children can make sense of their feelings and the world in which they live. When children experience upsetting events, their feelings can become muddled. This can be a confusing and worrying time for them and their families. Play and Art Therapy provides a safe environment where a qualified and empathetic Therapist understands the child through the metaphor of play, behaviour and other communication.

The trusting and non judgemental relationship between child and therapist allows the child to have the freedom to be themselves and express their inner struggles and joys. This can facilitate the resolution of their pain, create hope for the future and unlock the potential for self growth and self healing.

Play and Art Therapy are suitable for children age 3 and beyond.

“Toys are used like words by children, and play is their language.” – Garry Landreth

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