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LEGO® THERAPY Online Workshop – 9th June 2021


LEGO® THERAPY Online Workshop

Introductory online course for health and educational professionals
Date: 9th June 2021
Time: 10am – 2pm (with check-in starting 9.45am)

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Product description

LEGO® THERAPY Online workshop

Introductory online course for health and educational professionals

This introductory course for health and educational professionals has now gone online due to Covid 19. It includes approx 2 hrs of pre course elearning, a half day live webinar and around 1 hour post course elearning. The course is for professionals and aims to give you all the information you need to set up your own Lego ® based therapy sessions.

You will be given a login to our facilitators section of the website which includes practical resources as well as a certificate of attendance.

We are delighted that this training course is officially endorsed by Cambridge University Autism research Centre.

Who is it suitable for?

Who is it suitable for?
Any professional* who wishes to set up and run a Lego® Based therapy group and those who want to use Lego® more widely working therapeutically with children.
• Play therapists
• Teaching assistants
• Teachers / SENCOs
• Students
• Any professionals with an interest in ASD or other social communication difficulties

About the course

The course has three parts and is intended to give you all you need to start delivering your own sessions. It consists of:-
Part 1: Pre-recorded online learning to work through in your own time prior to the webinar on 9th June 2021.
Part 2: A live webinar on 9th June with some interactive activities and questions.
Part 3: Pre-recorded online learning to work through at your own pace after the live webinar with a short assessment quiz afterwards.

* must currently be a professional working with children with social emotional and/or behaviour issues.
If you are unsure if the course is suitable for you, please contact The Play Therapies​ Centre on 028 9092 3337.

For your information and to avoid confusion I would also like to advise you that our training partner started out as Brick for Autism C.I.C., but soon realised their approach could help any child struggling to connect or build confidence. That’s why they are now Play Included C.IC.. Their company number is the same but their name has changed.

Please see Additional information for Terms and Conditions.

Additional information

Terms & Conditions

I agree that I will not copy, modify, reproduce, re-publish, sub-license, sell, upload, broadcast, post, transmit or distribute any of the training presentation or event materials (including presentations, videos, handouts and case studies) without the prior written permission of Play Included C.I.C.
I agree that I will not record video or audio footage from the event, relay by phone, videoconference or other means the event delivered by Play Included C.I.C.
I agree that I will not share the event materials with anyone or use the event materials in the provision of any other course or training whether delivered by myself or a third party
I agree that I will not remove from the event materials any copyright or other notice of Play Included C.I.C.