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Help A Child and Safeguard Your Strength

With parental consent, a child can be referred to us by anyone involved with their family; e.g. social worker, health visitor, CAMHS, teacher, youth or community worker.

If you feel that a child you work with or know could benefit from Play Therapy or if you need further advice and support, please contact us. All enquiries will be treated in confidence.

All of The Play Therapies Centre therapists are on the PTUK approved register which is maintained by the Professional Standards Authority.

For our Court Directed Services please click here

For Professionals:

Professional Consultation & Advice

Standalone consultation & advice for professionals.

Support and advice in relation to parenting issues and child development.

These can take place on a one-off or regular basis.

Play Therapy Workshops

The Play Therapies Centre offer Introduction to Non-Directive Play Therapy Workshops.

These one day workshops are aimed at practitioners who work directly with children and want to develop their understanding of the use of play therapy and its techniques.

We can also tailor training and workshops to meet the needs of a specific organisation.

For Children:

Child One to One Sessions

One to one counselling for children aged between 3 & adolescence.

Facilitated by our Play Therapist, sessions are held in our special play rooms which are equipped with a wide range of toys and creative materials.

Sessions take place on a weekly basis.

The number of sessions required depends on the nature and complexity of the presenting problems.

Child Group Session

These sessions can be very effective with siblings or with small groups (2-3) of children who share similar interests or life experiences.

This can help with their emotional and social development.

A very cost effective therapeutic technique.

Court Directed Work

Play Therapists can have a key role in supporting children who are involved with social services or the courts for a variety of reasons such as placement or custody determinations.

Whenever a court makes such a determination, it must weigh whether its decision will be in the “best interests” of the child.

Our Therapists can have a key role in assisting the courts to make this decision. We may carry out a child centred assessment to determine the thoughts, needs or wishes of the child in order to help legal professionals involved make an informed decision in a custody dispute.

Our Play Therapists also assist parents in resolving issues relating to parenting and other family issues arising from an order in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship. For example, where there has been significant parental conflict during separation/divorce where by the child’s emotional well being has been significantly affected or when a child is being prepared to move home after a period in care.”