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Harry Potter Play Therapy Group*


Harry Potter Play Therapy Group*
Dates available: 23rd April 10am to 3pm
Facilitator: Sinead Doherty
Venue: 5B Garden Of Reflection, 9 Pump Street, L’Derry BT48 6JG


Product description

Harry Potter Play Therapy Group*

Dates available: 23rd April 10am to 3pm
Facilitator: Sinead Doherty
Venue: 5B Garden Of Reflection, 9 Pump Street, L’Derry BT48 6JG

When children experience upsetting events, their feelings can become muddled.  This can be a confusing and worrying time for them and their families.  Play Therapy (a form of counselling) provides a safe environment where a qualified and empathetic Play Therapist understands the child through the metaphor of play, behaviour and other communication.

The trusting and non-judgemental relationship between child and therapist allows the child to have the freedom to be themselves and express their inner struggles and joys. This can facilitate the resolution of their pain, create hope for the future and unlock the potential for self-growth and self-healing.

Fairy tales such as Harry Potter contain powerful messages that are extremely valuable tools for Play therapists. Fantastical and fictional environments such as Hogwarts provide creative and socially applicable contexts for therapeutic learning and are also full to the brim with therapeutic potential. J K Rowling’s storylines are insightful and allow readers to draw parallels between the world of Hogwarts and their own lives.

It’s tremendously rich thematic material provides a valuable resource for helping children deal with issues of grief, loss, fear, worry, anxiety, depression and much more.

The author artfully depicts how imperfect, yet lovable characters like Harry Potter can show courage and wisdom even in the most terrifying and heart-wrenching situations. Children of all ages can find solace in the healing messages provided by various nurturing characters who seek to help Harry deal with his BIG emotions and life challenges. In short, the Harry Potter offers considerable support, hope, and guidance to those children who are likewise going through difficult times.

Because play is a child’s native language, we as Play Therapists are able to help them better express what is holding them back, what is too painful or strange to express in words, or whatever it is they may need help with. During this group therapy day (based on the themes of Harry Potter), we use child-centred play therapy (a form of counselling) to help children learn to better express their feelings and communicate freely.

This group is appropriate for your child if:
They love Harry Potter.
Are between the ages of 6 to 12 years old.
They experience excessive social, emotional or behavioural difficulties that impacts upon their life.
Can participate in a group for an extended period of time.

Your child can expect to:
Seek their fate at the sorting hat ceremony.
Create a future in the mirror of Erised (finding out what is your hearts desire)
Use the cloak of invisibility
Discover their Patronus
Identify their Animagus
Make messy magical potions
Defeat their Bogart
Open the chamber of secrets.

Your child will work on the following skills in Harry Potter themed activities:
1. Emotional Literacy
2. Dealing with BIG feelings
3. Sensory work
4. Teamwork
5. Social Skills
6. Fine and Gross motor skills
7. Problem solving & more.

A screening of Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets will take place throughout our day. This movie is rated PG.

Dietary Requirements:
Due to various dietary restrictions, please provide your own lunch. Snacks provided will accommodate gluten, dairy, nut and dye free allergies. If your child has any dietary requirements outside these parameters please send you child with extra food.

Costumes or Harry Potter apparel welcomed but not necessary.

Sinead Doherty,
Clinical Director & Senior Play Therapist at Play Therapy Northern Ireland

Total cost £65 pp for the day (this includes initial £10 telephone assessment – payable upfront using the link above).
Includes all magical activities and art materials!
Places limited to six per day.

Entry requirements:
Children with only mild/moderate social, emotional or behavioural difficulties will be accepted onto these days and as such an assessment will be completed with the therapist at point of registration to establish suitability for the programme. This initial assessment will be carried out via telephone with our play therapist at a cost of £10 payable using the link above. Once a child has been deemed suitable then their place will be secure when the balance has been paid.

Dates available:
23rd April 10am to 3pm

5B Garden Of Reflection, 9 Pump Street, L’Derry BT48 6JG

Please see Additional information for Terms and Conditions.

*We have no affiliation with the Harry Potter brand, therefore, mention of characters/concepts are solely intended for educational and therapeutic gain.

Additional information

Terms & Conditions

Deposit of £10 assessment fee is non refundable.
Your place is only secure when the balance of £55 is paid.
Refunds are only available if cancelled up to one week prior to the workshop (minus a £10 admin fee).
After this time no refund will be possible.
We reserve the right to cancel if unforseen circumstances occur e.g. therapist is sick. If this occurs a full refund will be offered.