Complimentary Therapy for parents/carers

Self compassion is one of the cushions you can use as a parent or carer to help teach your nervous system about safety. It is a pillow we can rest on for a moment of reprieve or a gentle way to check in with ourselves.

Self-compassion via our complimentary Therapies with Dr Linda Feeny and Clinical Director Sinead Doherty, such as massage, reflexology, aromatherapy or Reiki can be used to help our muscles learn that it is safe to release.

This compassionate body and energy work work helps us touch into the areas where pain and discomfort usually reside. It helps us honour and notice what comes up. It helps us pay careful attention to the sensations, the emotions, and the thoughts each action produces. We can also notice what happens inside of us and connect it back to what you’ve been through.

Compassion can also help us notice what happens when we allow our emotions to exist without resistance. Compassion supports our system to learn that it is safe to be present, safe to be in our body, and safe to sit with unsettling thoughts. ⁣Compassion can also support us through the harder moments of life. Not as an eraser of hard-things but as a tool that helps acknowledge how hard things impact us.

Compassion is not the antidote to hardship. It is the balm we apply to help us along in our process of enduring hard things.

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